What I’m Loving In August

  • Peacock Paintings. To be specific, water colour peacock paintings. I love the colours, the tail, the vagueness of water colour… And I love the slight awkward feeling to the word peacock. Ha!
  • Dream Catchers. It’s just calling me lately, I don’t know why. I don’t even believe in them. They’re pretty awesome though.
  • Prints. Is this one inappropriate? You know, for having a child in the house and stuff… Hope so, because I’m buying it.
  • Paper Lanterns. Even if they don’t light up, they’re still pretty and delicate and feminine and outdoors they remind me of summer and indoors they are just cool.
  • Nutritional Yeast. It’s my favourite popcorn topping and I’m also loving it in quinoa. Such a nice cheesy flavour (I really do miss cheese…) and it’s full of great B vitamins. It’s a vego’s best friend.
  • CO YO. This stuff is amazing. I love it. It’s a godsend for dairy free people like me. I’m going to attempt making my own coconut yogurt soon, just to save some money but this stuff is always in my fridge.
  • FatMumSlim. Everyone knows the blog. Everyone knows the Photo A Day thing. I’m still loving it all (despite never being able to complete a whole month of Photo A Day).
  • Earth Toys. Love the selection of safe, fun and educational toys on here. Not loving some of the prices. Still gets a tick from me!
  • Homemade Hippies. Oh what? Yeah, I’m shameless at the self lovin’!

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