I’m Back!

The local fire along a ridge at night time. Photo by Michael Bros.

Blogging rule #304 –
Don’t ever leave your blog for almost 10 days. With not even one word of an update. With no sign of life!

I do apologize! I was halfway through writing new posts – recipes in fact – when a fire came through our local town. It was very very close to taking many houses out. It turned cars and boats to mere shells, and flames were 15 meters above tree tops. My little town has less than 1000 people in it. The fire jumped the road and the northerly winds were gusting at almost 100km/h – straight towards us! So we left. It’s best to be safe when there is only one road in and out of our tiny town (that road being on a ridge top, surrounded by gullys of bush!). The police told us to leave, so we did, but we came back that night to sleep. The fire lasted for almost a week and now it’s raining so I’m assuming it’s pretty safe now. 

And then after all that hype and scare died down, my internet isn’t working properly. In fact, it doesn’t work at all on my PC and works whenever it feels like it on my laptop. I have no idea what it’s problem is, but all my “blog stuff” is on my desktop!

Let me make it up by promising you I will announce the winner from our Jack and Jill competition tomorrow in a brand spanking new blog post. If you haven’t entered yet, now is your last chance!
The fire approaching my house, before we evacuated.


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