Bullet Points

While the baby sleeps, I shall write! In bullet point form…

  • I’m really considering creating an eBook of recipes. I’m looking into the best programs to use and all that boring stuff. It’s been suggested to me many times by friends and strangers on Instagram and if I don’t rush myself or stress out about it, I think it’ll be worthwhile! It’s can be easily downloaded and even printed. Winning.
  • I’m sitting here with so many posts I want to write. So many stories and pictures I want to share. But I’ve hit a wall. I have to make a decision – do I share pictures of O or do I keep her face private and off my blog?
  • She is on my personal Facebook and personal Instagram account. Security settings for both of these are at their highest, but it doesn’t stop someone who can view them from saving or sharing them. This blog will have no filling, no back bone, no soul if I don’t. There’s no point in blogging!If I want to write more about my life and daily happenings, I will have to share O. She is my day to day life.
  • This morning I made the Buckwheat and Maca Pear Bread from The Whole Pantry app. The presentation isn’t the best, I got the batter all over the pears. And I had to cook it 20 minutes extra than the recipe said. But I’m quite proud of it, despite how ridiculously simple it was to make! It’s one of those creations that will impress everyone but only you know it only had 2 steps in the method, hah! I’m not a maca fan so hopefully the taste is disguised by the 2 whole pears I put in it. Yeah, WHOLE pears!
  • Veggies are growing like crazy. I have to bring some spinach and lettuce in tomorrow before they get eaten by some little critter. My strawberries never grew from seed 😦 Growing my own food is giving me the strangest thrill. There’s nothing more satisfying right now than watering them and watching them grow. They change so much in just one day. I’m even willing to try some flowers next. Ooh.
Okay that’s all for now!

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