Those Days

Healthy smoothie totally cancels the junk out. Right..?
It’s one of those days. I knew it would be at around 5am, when Olivia was stirring too much to re-settle back to sleep. She ended up properly waking at 5:30am and I have only myself to blame – I jinxed her. Last night at yoga I was telling the girls how Olivia has been waking around 6:30/7am which is considered a sleep in in this house. Since birth she has woken around 5am, with 5:30am being a sleep in! The last 2 or so weeks have been wonderful, getting up later, eating later, doing one good nap during the day etc. And I was proudly telling my girlfriends and the very next morning she wakes early. My fault.
I wouldn’t mind so much, if she wasn’t so bloody grumpy. 
So this morning I did a trip to the shops to post my parcel for the FMS Gift Exchange and picked up a block of Cadbury, half price. Fine, two blocks. Don’t judge me. I’m on struggle street today. For your information I’m yet to crack into them… I’m too busy inhaling the Cheezels pictured above. The shame!
I know I’m not the only one who uses food as comfort. Yet I still beat myself up for it.
It’s the one thing I’ve struggled with since changing our “diet”. We eat a mainly vegan and gluten free diet, and really try to eat no refined sugar. I make everything from scratch, from our morning cereal to our snacks, dinners and even our drinks. But when I’m emotional/tired/angry/struggling those foods don’t cut it. I really need to find an alternative! 
So much to do today. Cereal and jam to make, washing to hang out (yep, at midday) and a toilet to clean. But I think I might go nap with O!


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