Guess Who’s Back

Exactly one month since I last posted. I could write a whole paragraph about why I’ve been absent… busy, lazy, overwhelmed  etc. But it won’t change anything. You might not even believe me. On with the show, I say.
What’s been happening around my neck of the woods? Business, family, home. That’s what.
I’ve been throwing my all into my homewares store (link now on the menu bar) and manifesting big dreams on it. Okay, small dreams (I can barely cope with preparing dinner, I don’t need big dreams just yet). Lots of pretty stock has arrived for 2014 and the hardest part is reminding myself that keeping one of everything for myself won’t make money.
Since opening the store and shopping for products to sell, I’ve realized how much my taste has changed in the past year or so. If you asked me 3 years ago what I liked I’d say modern, sleek, black and white. Minimalstic. Clinical, almost. Now I’d say my style is bohemian, retro and lots of colour…. based on a modern slate 😉 Ever evolving, huh?
 photo photo4.jpg
 photo photo3-1.png
 photo photo4-1.png
I’ve been in a state of purging lately. At home, I mean. I’m sick of the junk, the toys, the random shit we don’t even use or need. Hubby and I are still on the purging mission, currently working on the big shed we have out back. It feels good. It feels cleansing. It’ll be a nice way to start 2014 – fresh and prepared.
I had a weird hiatus from the kitchen, opting for bought snacks (read: unhealthy) and quick easy dinners, usually from packets or frozen. I’ve been getting back in there lately though. I made a pretty nice green smoothie with spinach, blueberries, maca powder, a bit of agave, black sesame seeds and coconut water. The veggies have been growing like crazy too. Capsicum, hairloom tomatoes, cucumbers the size of your arm (seriously), and plenty of corn, lettuce and rocket. Love being self-sufficient!
 photo photo4-1.png

 photo photo1.jpg

 photo photo3.jpg

Night-weaning commenced last Saturday night. Olivia feeds to sleep with warm mumma milkies and has since she was 6 months old. On this long awaited night (you can only imagine!) she suddenly grabbed a dummy from the counter and laid in my arms and sucked it to sleep. She’s never taken a dummy, even as a newborn. Overnight I rocked her back to sleep instead of letting her feed. She didn’t ask for it once. Night two went the same way but with more effort to go back to sleep and a few tears overnight. Night three was better than night two but still worse than night one. Night four she had a rough time to fall asleep, many tears and screams but still, she didn’t feed to sleep. But overnight she became inconsolable and sleep deprivation was getting the better of me so she fed two or three times. Night five, last night, was horrible. For more than 2 hours she was pretty much hysterical, in my arms. In the end I fed her to sleep and let her feed overnight when she stirred. I felt shitty. We’d gone backwards. I caved. It had failed. Yadda yadda.Wrong. 8 months of feeding to sleep doesn’t get undone in 5 nights. Give the kid a break. Try again tomorrow night. Play it by ear. Day by day…
I do dream of the day we can have a bed on a frame again (as opposed to on the floor like currently) and be free to roll into any position I want. It’ll come, right?
 photo photo2.jpg
This blog has big plans for 2014. I have big plans for this blog in 2014 😉 2014 in general will be big. I feel it in me waters! You better keep an eye on it. And please leave me a comment. Show me some love?

Also, what do you think of the new look? I’m loving it sick.


4 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back

  1. I'm loving the new look!

    I've gone off green smoothies. I don't know…whether I'm overloading them or something but the last two I had made me come out in hot & cold sweats & I felt so incredibly nauseous. Since then the very thought of making one has made me feel yuck. Any thoughts?

  2. Hey Leisa, What did you put in the smoothie that made you feel ill? Did you supercharge it with extra like maca powder? I know some superfoods can make people sick like you described. x

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