Feed Me In You Underwear

I was flipping through a magazine the other day and came across this image. I actually scoffed out loud. “Would you look at this?!” I said as I shoved the magazine at my husband who was sitting on the couch beside me. Of course, he didn’t mind looking at the image! “You know, I always feed my friends delicious food in my underwear too” I told him sarcastically. Hubby was pretty disappointed to learn that this is not what a typical sleep over with chicks entails. Or maybe it does, but not any that I’ve been to!
How about this one (from the same magazine)? I’ve got plenty of girlfriends, but I don’t cuddle them while we walk down the path. In fact, if I saw two women (or two people of any gender) with their arms around each other while walking I would probably assume they were a couple. It’s sweet. It’s not friendly. It’s more than friendly.
It reminded me of when I was a teenager. I’d hug all my girlfriends whenever we met up or ran into each other and then when we said goodbye. It wasn’t optional and it wasn’t awkward. Everyone did it!
As an adult (hah!) it’s confusing. Some people, friends or otherwise, still go in for the hug. Others don’t. I’m not able to tell what elements of the friendship or conversation confirms a hug when parting ways, so I just stay neutral and don’t initiate the hug or cheek-kiss but won’t deny one if it comes my way. 
A good way to gauge it is if a hug was exchanged when you said hello then it’s likely going to happen when you say goodbye. Sometimes it’s just obvious… run into your neighbour you say hi to once a week when taking the bins out – no hug. Run into a fellow superwoman from your weekly mothers group – hug. Every mother needs a hug though… do you know how hectic days can get with a human being who can’t yet communicate why she is so upset?

I know this magazine quite well, it’s a favourite of mine. It’s targeted at women of 18+ years. I’d exxpect to see it in Dolly magazine or something but not this health and fitness one. Maybe I’m just having a grumpy day. Maybe it’s not really such a big deal!

But that, my friends, is my rant for today.
Have a lovely Friday, the first of the year!


One thought on “Feed Me In You Underwear

  1. Pathetic isn't it. They make us look like fools. There is a new woman's mag I heard of called 'Virily', apparently the complete opposite to all the tashy women's mags. and uplifts rather than demeans women.

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