Top 5 Current Lusts

It’s Wednesday today… also known as HUMP DAY. And boy am I struggling to get over the hump today.
Let’s be materialistic for a moment and look at pretty things I want to buy. That’ll cheer me up!

1. A ladder unit from Jumbled. Actually, I want everything from Jumbled. I love the mint colour and if I didn’t have a child with greasy little fingers that would pull everything off this, it would already be in my house. Actually, I can see Olivia sitting in this herself. Much like a cat would. I think it could make a great bathroom shelving unit too, while adding a bit of colour.

 photo Untitled-2-1.jpg

2. The BRIMNES bedhead. It’s ingenious… bookcase bedheads are nothing new. But bookcase bedheads that still let you lean against it are. I’ve been crushing on it (and the storage bed base in the same range) for over 2 years now. The top of it is flat but with a lip so nothing will fall on your head, and it has a hole in it to feed through the cord for your lamp. I just love it!
If only they made it in King size…

 photo brimnes_headboard.jpg

3. Bohemian. Bohemian homewares in particular. I’ve always associated the hippy, bohemian style with the smell of incense and that is something I don’t want my house to be like. Taking in the fact that the Hubby likes white, black, and modern designs, and hasn’t had a taste change in styling like I have, I’ve learnt to use some key pieces of bohemian homewares to stand out in my home without looking like a hippie from the 1970’s threw up in our lounge room. A medium sized rug under the coffee table, a dream catcher in the kid’s room etc. And this photo frame – it’s a little Indian, a little pre-school colourful but very me right now. Need. Want. Please?
 photo frame.jpg
4. This bracelet. Technically I just bought this but I’m still going to list it. It’s so pretty. I’ve been getting into accessories and jewelry lately, something I’ve not been too interested in before. I was never a girly type, never cared for jewelry – I was always outside getting sweaty and dirty or riding horses. Oh motherhood, how you’ve changed me! I’m also loving Louun. I want lots of their rings, so dainty and fine. I’m half Italian so chunky jewelry just enhances the wog in me, especially if it’s gold. That’s why I made sure the Hubby got me a white gold engagement and wedding ring 😉 This bracelet is borderline, but something about it has captured my eye. I posted it on my Instagram asking for opinions and it was a divided response. Too bad, I now own one!
 photo Untitled-1-2.jpg

5. Top Deck. Because this Hump Day sucks. Chocolate fixes everything, right?

 photo 20090.png


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