{12WBT} Pre-Season

I hate counting calories. I believe it’s an unhealthy habit. There, I said it. It leads to obsession and then guilt when you eat over your allocated calories. And what about fat, protein, carbs, sodium, sugar, minerals, vitamins etc… they are just as important! Focus on them! I understand people who are overweight need to look at their calories in order to lose weight. I understand weightloss is 80% food. I understand the main factor for gaining weight is the calories. But for me (who doesn’t need to lose, but just tone up) I’m finding it hard to think like this.
So why am I doing this 12WBT? For my husband. He needs me. He needs the support. He needs my commitment and I’m his wife… of course I will do it. I’m excited about the exercise part of this program but not so much about the food – my diet is so particular these days: superfoods every day, raw as much as possible, vegetarian/vegan for most meals, no dairy, limited gluten, no refined sugar. And we definitely try to avoid additives, preservatives, colouring etc. And clearly it works – I’ve been the healthiest and lightest I’ve ever been as an adult. Yes, post baby too!
Something I’ve noticed with the 12WBT is a lot of recipes have sugar. And colouring! One dessert had food dye in the ingredients. Whaaat! Not to mention Michelle is big on low-fat options. No no no! Remove the fat and it’s replaced with other shit! And she uses a shit load of ricotta in her recipes. No good for the lactose intolerant/sensitive (meaning Olivia… which also means me until she weans). I think there should be a focus on a healthy lifestyle, not just losing the weight. Being skinny doesn’t mean you are healthy.
The meal plan has lots of meat but luckily you can change it to vegetarian and then filter the recipes even more with options like “lactose free” or “gluten free”. It does then become very limiting but I think in a few weeks time when we have this down pat I’ll add some of our usual recipes, but count the calories for the Hubby.
So pre-season is done. Tomorrow we do some food prep for the week ahead. The rest of the list is looking good… Shopping, tick. Fitness test, tick. Measurments, tick. Before photo, tick! Workout gear… need to do! I need a supportive bra. I don’t wear underwire because I breastfeed and I live in the Bonds feeding singlets which has an inbuilt bra. But I need a proper underwire workout bra if I’m going to exercise every day. And I will invest in some thick socks… say no to blisters!
Height: 164cm
Weight: 57.5kg
Body Fat: 23.9%
Chest: 94.2cm (not fair, I have big milk-filled breasts!)
Waist: 74cm
Hips: 90cm
Arms: 25cm
Thigh: 47.4cm
Distance from knee: 26cm 
Continuous Push Ups (on knees): 16
Plank (on knees): 1:35
Sit + Reach: +11.5cm
Wall Sit: 1:08
1km Time Trial: 6:55
My result was actually pretty good and I am fitter than I thought. I’ve been recommended to do the “intermediate” program but I’m sticking with beginner for now! Why not try the above fitness test and see how you went?

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