Miscellaneous #2

 photo photo41-2.jpg
A fleeting sunrise from my kitchen window

I love Friday’s. It means the evening marks the start of my husband being home for 2 days. Our little family can spend time together, 3 amigos playing our way through the days. Sunday will be a big day, as we’re packing little O into the car with my folks who are going into Sydney to visit some relatives. I wish them luck as Olivia has hated the car since she was born. Without food, music or some videos of herself or The Wiggles she will scream and maker herself sick. She’s never gone that far away from me so I’m a little nervous but know she will be okay. It’ll be good to spend some time with the Hubby though and I’m sure time will fly.

We’ve had a substantial amount of rain over the past week or so. It was nice to spend time inside and have life slow down. And of course for the drought-stricken areas to cop a good soaking. Even our plants and herbs are looking much happier and I got a handful of strawberries off one plant the other day.

The Mountains gets so pretty in the rain with the mist and wind.

 photo photo1-10.jpg

We had the TV on a fair bit though which I don’t like but what else is there to do for a week inside? We’ve danced, sung, built towers, played ball, made raw bliss balls (she loves using the food processor!), read many a book, made music, put all her dolly’s to sleep under tiny blankets, ate watermelon and popcorn, had lots of snuggles, and yes, lots of TV. If only she was at the age where we could chill out and watch a movie for 2 hours! 
TV is more for the background noise at the moment while her rapidly-developing imaginative play is going on. It’s been amazing to watch! It’s my favourite type of play… seeing her push her bunny on her scoot-car, holding a toy phone to it’s ear, putting the dolly’s to bed after feeding them toy cupcakes and bananas, or the one that made my heart sing and eyes prickle with tears… lifting her shirt to breastfeed her dolly. Oh my!
 photo photo2-9.jpg

I think it’s fair to say the Hubby and I have been hit by the renovating bug again. We’re really into renovating, yep, we’re big The Block fans (although we haven’t been watching the current one – want more renovating, less drama!). Last night we spent a good 40 minutes talking about knocking down certain wall, building new ones, losing the laundry etc. We ended up going to bed so frustrated!

I’m wanting a new colour scheme… currently all the furniture is black and white with red and green decor (red clock, shades of green in the rug, pillows and other decor etc). I’m loving yellow, mint and coral. I don’t even know if they all work together but I’ll make it work!

I’m really into homewares (I have my own store) and decorating and have my eye on a couple of cheap pieces I recently saw in the Target catalog. Target, said like the post “Tar-jay” of course 😉

 photo A637618.jpg

 photo A623990.jpg
Waiting til they restock this in white, for our entrance area.

And this clock! Which is from my own store. Have you jumped on the pineapple bandwagon yet?

 photo 6841040_6064021-clkfwhw_b.jpg

I’ve been feeling pretty shit this week. Tired and run down. I’m not exactly sure why, but know the lack of sleep lately hasn’t been helping! Many many cries in O’s sleep lately is to blame, even during her day nap. Not sure what’s up, possibly another tooth? I could sleep for days right now…
So with that being said I’m very much looking forward to next weekend. Our little family is off on a getaway up the coast before the weather cools down and we’re all bundled up inside. We’ll be staying with family for 2 nights and hopefully the universe blesses us with sunny and warm weather so we can take O to the beach for the first time in her 16 months of life. 
I do need a break, motherhood is hard. Running a business and a blog is hard. Keeping a home is hard. Making all our food from scratch is hard (enjoyable but time consuming). Running on little sleep is more than hard but by now oddly familiar. But I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Life is amazing isn’t it?

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