Stormy Mother Nature

 photo photo3-9.jpg

Can we please take a moment to appreciate Mother Nature in all her glory? We often love her when she produces sunny bright days and curse her when it rains or floods… But the show she put on yesterday afternoon in Sydney was spectacular! 

Up here in the (lower) Blue Mountains it bucketed down and we had a beautiful lightening show with some very loud claps of thunder. Olivia was outside during the last storm of the afternoon and wasn’t one bit frightened of the thunder! She just looked up into the sky with wonder. 
 photo 1660220_592941050792538_2064439121_n.jpg

Our house is one of the highest ones on the street, our back deck is perched just high enough to see the city buildings faaaaar off in the distance. I envy next door more, because they had trees cut down and can now sit in their outdoor spa with a glass of wine and enjoy those city views. I’m talking TEENY TINY buildings about 70 kilometers away, way out on the horizon by the way 😉
I stood in the kitchen preparing dinner and watched the dark clouds roll in and drop over the escarpment, where the Blue Mountains drops away into the Nepean basin and then it kept on rolling out into the city. It was beautiful!

 photo 1391444_794374530590056_2058443751_n1.jpg

Please note, images are not mine.

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