{12WBT} Halfway Update

 photo f9f83804-669d-49f1-947d-8972f02a20fc.png
We’re currently in week six (how does time go so fast?) of the 12WBT. 
Good news: the Hubby has lost weight. How much I cannot tell you as we didn’t weigh in today because we ate three donuts before bed last night. I know, right? It was one of those impulse buys that we later regretted but couldn’t face throwing our money in the bin. We’re only human, moving forward!
The excitement of the program wore off about week 3. Lately we went off track – we went on holiday for 3 days, and then I was sick (or as sick as a mother can be) and I didn’t cook or clean or do anything. Seriously, I didn’t even take O outside to play, how bad a mother am I?! TV was a great baby sitter and guilt washed over me but no more – outside it is! 
I’m still hating the low-fat-everything and the ricotta-in-most-recipes thing about Michelle Bridges. But I substitute as best I can. Dairy has still been in our diet lately and I’m having mixed feelings about it! 
The meals in general are great. I’ve printed lots off, changed them slightly to suit (less cheese, more veggies!) and have stuffed them in a folder as I will definitely be using these in our weekly meal plans once the program is over. 
We eat the same snacks as always (apricot bliss balls, pop corn, fruit, veggies and homemade dip etc) but watch our portion sizes as this is the Hubby’s downfall (what can I say, I make tasty snacks!).
We haven’t exercised in 3 weeks. When we resume (next week hopefully) I think we’ll be so far behind that we will have to start off at the week 3 program which is fine by me. I was loving the workouts, they made me feel strong and empowered!
So there you have it, we’ve fallen off the bandwagon with a pile of donuts in our lap, but we are staying strong and resuming project 12WBT! The donuts were tasty, I will admit. I barely regret it 😉
Photos, measurements etc will come soon!

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