Style Your Party – A Guide to Kid’s Parties!


I wish birthdays came around more than once a year. Or that it was acceptable to celebrate every 3 or 6 months of being alive. Especially now that I have a kid, because party planning is so much fun. The decorations, choosing colours and patterns or if you’re a hardcore party planner, a theme (much respect to you!).

Here’s a little secret to make your party planning easier: find a one-stop shop. And preferably, online because then you can sit and click without little people running up isles, and if you really want you could click away with a wine in hand (or a green juice, depends how you’re day has gone right?).
Little Boo-Teek is the perfect online store for everything kids (and a little something for mum too). It fits my one-stop shop rule and they also have a Style My Party range which I can’t get enough of. Check out some of the party decorations….
 photo PicMonkeyCollage.jpg

I’m also loving this grass table mat which is not even $12! It kind of has a like a Alice in Wonderland feel to it. Imagine a bunch of little people sitting down to eat with this in front of them? Olivia would find it magical. Maybe it’ll get her eating more, god knows I need a new trick up my sleeve…
How about these colourful pom-poms (which I’m going to string up along my bedhead). LOVE these!

 photo 7f8d3c0f-a51d-4fe5-bda5-d53bcb6bfa91.jpg
I’d never seen this before but it’s such an awesome idea. A giant balloon filled with confetti. I would suggest having these outside though, or at least con the kids into helping clean the confetti up! No party is complete without balloons right? These would be cool at a wedding too.

And if you are a theme person, you could get some help with this kit (pictured at top of post), which includes, invitations, lolly bags, straws, stickers and more.

There’s a whole range of party ideas and products in the Style My Party range, so do what I did and bookmark it 🙂

Little Boo-Teek are also celebrating their 2nd birthday so there’s even more excuse to pop over and grab a bargain. Onto it, people, onto it! Check them out here or like their Facebook page here.
Do you find party planning stressful? Have you ever done a themed kids party?

This was a sponsored post for Little Boo-Teek.

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