Do You Know About Yacon Syrup?

I’m always up for sharing new products I’ve found to help you out in the some-what confusing world of “clean eating”. Being big on not using refined sugar, I had to share this post with you. And if you’re trying to lose weight healthily, definitely keep reading!
Once upon a time, far far away (well, from me) in the Andes Mountains, there was a plant called the yacon plant. The indigenous people of Peru ate this plant for it’s nutritional benefits which include low calories and low sugar… in fact they even used it as a diabetic treatment and preventative. Not to mention it also acted as a pre-biotic which helps the intestines to function their best, while eliminating any toxins from your system. Many moons later, the whole world is lucky enough to know about this beautiful plant and it’s powers… and now we can all enjoy yacon syrup (I never claimed to be good a good story teller!).

 photo yacon.jpg
According to Wiki, a study in 2002 showed yacon syrup was determined to be a better antioxidant than enzyme solutions of potato, mushroom, and eggplant. In fact, another study also showed that daily intake of yacon syrup produces a significant decrease in body weight, waist circumference and BMI when it was given to to a study of obese women.
Sounds pretty good right? Toss the white grainy devil and use this natural sweetener instead while losing weight? Impressive.
But yacon syrup is relatively new to me. I’d read about it a long time ago and thought it may be similar to molasses which I’m not a fan of. And while it is treacle-like, it tastes way better than molasses and performs much better too! Recently I’ve had a bottle of it in my hot little hands and have been so excited to share with you how much I love it! 
I had lots of recipes I was going to try using yacon syrup in. But I haven been so busy and miss O is cutting a molar (where’s the rum? For both of us! I joke..) and I’m just too tired. So apart from stirring some yacon in my berry chia jam (in place of coconut sugar) I thought I’d try a pre-made recipe using the yacon. By the way, it worked perfectly in the jam 😉

 photo Creamy-Cococnut-Berry-Parfait-1200x800.jpg
So today for lunch I tried this recipe (pictured above) from The Holistic Ingredient which uses yacon syrup and by golly it was good. I found the yacon syrup to be thick and sweet, but not over-powering. It’s hard to describe it’s flavour. But mix it into a smoothie or your desserts and you wouldn’t be able to pick the flavour of it out. 
(And psst, while we’re talking about The Holistic Ingredient, I really recommend her eBook “A Nourishing Kitchen” which you can purchase by clicking the picture of it to the right in my sidebar.)
I look forward to trying more recipes with yacon syrup which I’ll no doubt share on here.
You can purchase yacon syrup from here (delivery was super quick!).
To find out more information about yacon syrup click here
This was a sponsored post for Q Yacon.

Have you heard about this syrup? Do you like it?

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