International Day Of Happiness

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Today is International Day of Happiness. Happiness is a choice, something I’ve learnt only in the past few years of my life. Every feeling we experience is a choice actually. Some people find this hard to understand, because why would they choose to feel sad or anxious? It takes time and a lot of work within yourself to understand this though.
I’ve also learnt that:
Happiness is linked to gratitude.
Happiness does not come from material items. They make you feel temporarily pleasant but true happiness doesn’t come from money.
Happiness brings you more happiness.
Making other people happy is a wonderful thing!
Happiness is the way of life.
In spirit of today’s International Day of Happiness, here are some things I am happy for today:
  • the food in my belly and more in my fridge and pantry
  • the beautiful sunny day outside
  • my cosy and familiar home
  • my supportive and loving husband
  • the internet, so I can blog and connect with others
  • money-making opportunities
  • being blessed with our beautiful daughter
  • my tan skin that I had always taken for granted
  • my happy mood!
  • my past for teaching me all I know in the present
I could go on and on and on!

Hey, at the end of the day…..
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What are you happy for today? Comment 3 things off the top of your head, GO!