This morning I was making breakfast and out of my kitchen window I saw the above image. It made me feel so happy! I stopped whatever I was doing and just stared for a moment. My belly felt butterflies, my mouth was smiling… It felt right. It felt complete. But it’s only a half-assembled second-hand swing set, you say. But it’s a symbol of my dreams having come true, I reply. You see, before I even met hubby I had a dream of being the traditional wife and mum, staying home and cleaning, cooking and playing with the kids. Until they were old enough to go to school, where I’d get a job to fill my days before they came back home. That dream is coming true. It has come true. And the swing set is kind of like a token, a reminder of that dream. This me, in my kitchen window, looking at my child’s swing set in the backyard! The hubby said “It kind of completes the backyard, doesn’t it… It’s given the backyard it’s purpose now.” Spot on, husband! It’s perfect. And I’m not done yet! I want to add a trampoline, a sand pit, a cubby house, more play equipment… and of course a nice new deck, a vegie garden and in many years to come, a dog (we recently adopted ours out). But for now, this sun-faded, incomplete swing set has complete my backyard. How blissful.

After possibly the most challenging week of my parenting life, this weekend hasn’t been much easier. But there is a taste to Spring in the air and I’m going to go enjoy the rest of the day! Hope you will to.