Last Minit V-Day Idea

June 2011, I took my first terrifying plane flight to Vanuatu. On the 4th day of the month, my family helped me squeeze into my white wedding gown, the tropical humidity making it an almighty task. The Hubby and I said our vows on the beach – toes in the sand, waves softly crashing behind us. We slipped our rings onto each other’s finger and just like that we were married.
Almost 3 years later and it’s coming up to Valentine’s Day this Friday. Racking my brain for gift ideas since the start of the year (I like to be prepared) I realized I never got that ring engraved. I had meant to do it before we got married. And then it was on my to-do list when we got home from Vanuatu, then after we settled into the new house, after I got over the morning sickness, after the baby was born… Well that last event was 16 months ago and it’s still been on the to-do list! So what a better Valentine’s Day gift could there be?
I braved the shopping center on a Saturday lunch time to get my man’s ring engraved with the words “always + forever”; an inside joke, I guess you could call it. Having used Mister Minit for previous engravings (dog tags, jewelry, gifts etc) and knowing the local jeweler could charge 3 times the amount, the Penrith Mister Minit store was my destination.
It was pretty busy, being Saturday and leading up to the big day of love this week, so I handed the ring over and went window shopping for 30 minutes. These are the lovely fella’s who did the engraving:

 photo photo41-1.jpg 
Seriously, they were funny blokes! Friendly service always makes a difference.

And this is the awesome job on the ring:

 photo photo1-8.jpg

 photo photo3-7.jpg

Wonderful! To-do list is one task down, and Valentine’s Day is sorted. All for under $20. If you’re stuck for an affordable Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one you could get a key ring, jewelry, or even a yard glass engraved (yep, someone did that when I was there!). 

*This was a sponsored post for Mister Minit.