Raw Brownie Bites

How is it August already? It feels like time is going so quick… I never remember it going this fast as a kid. And it certainly seems to go faster once you have a baby.
A few months ago I was trying to get O to sleep in the pram out the front. I started talking to a young couple 3 doors up. She was pregnant with their first child and we chatted about what kind of pram I had (a  Baby Jogger) and how much sleep I was getting (none). Over the next 3 months we said hello in passing and then yesterday hubby and I took O for a walk and came across the young couple – pushing a pram with the most beautiful little newborn baby girl snuggled up in it! 
I thought back to the first weeks as a mother and what I needed and wanted most. Sleep, a cleaner, a chef… I was always hungry with breastfeeding in those early days. So tonight I whipped up some raw healthy snacks for her and her husband. One of the recipes I made was the infamous brownie bites. They are so rich and delicious and contain no sugar, are vegan and are really quick to make! We’ve even fooled people into thinking they are your typical “regular” brownies full of unhealthy ingredients 😉

This is by far the most requested recipe. So I thought it was a perfect way to honour it by making it the first recipe on my blog!
Raw Brownie Bites
1.5 cups walnuts
18 medjool dates, pitted (do not use regular dates!)
1/3 cup raw cacao powder
1 tsp vanilla powder or essence
1 tsp of water (optional)
nut of choice for garnish
Place your walnuts in a food processor and whizz them until they are fine. Be careful not to go too far that it becomes a nut butter! Add the dates next and process until it becomes a dough. Add the cacao, vanilla and water and process until combined. I tend to leave out the tsp of water and add another handful of walnuts at the end and give it another whizz, as they don’t break down fully in the dough so you get little chunks incorporated into the mix. 
Roll into balls and then press an almond or nut of choice on the top.
If you prefer it thicker you can increase the nuts to 2 cups at the beginning.
These will be oily on the bottom. But its just the oils releasing from the nuts and the dates, don’t panic!
Store in an air tight container in the fridge. I try to only eat 1 of these a day but it always ends up being at least 2! I make the balls quite small, and I worked out I have less than 1 date in each ball 😉 Not that I should be justifying it because these really are healthy… they just taste so good that you think you’re being naughty!
If you give these a go, please comment and let me know, I’d love to hear your feedback! Also tag me in your Instagram pictures @homemadehippies