Dear Feb, Lets Do This!

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In case you didn’t notice, January has flown on past and February has landed in our laps with a thud. Why does the first month of the year always go so quick?
The month started off great with our weekend full! On Saturday we did our fitness test in the morning while O’s Granma and Pa took her to the local markets. Gosh that test almost killed me. Running is just not my thing. 2 days on and my shins are still making me cry with every step. I didn’t even run that far, I’m so unfit. But not for long! We did grocery shopping and bought most of our fruit and veg at the local farm. Check out our haul:

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Aunty Lauren came around in the evening while we were all splashing around in the paddle pool. The weather has been so lovely lately, minus the humidity!

Olivia was 16 months old yesterday. We went shopping for some workout gear for me (finally, tick!) and then came home and Olivia and her Daddy had a nap while I did food prep for the week ahead. Some have the life, right? Then we dropped O off with my folks so the Hubby and I could go on a date… Woo! We had amazing pizza at the Station Bar and a sneaky drink or two. It was so nice to be out and pay each other our full attention. But it still feels so rushed for some reason.

So here are my intentions for this month…
  • Sprout more often. I’ve got all the fancy equipment here to do it, so there’s no excuses.
  • Go exploring with O more often – along the street, at the park, in the shops… wherever.
  • Less Wiggles time for her. It’s just so easy to whack an 11 minute episode of the colourful dudes on while I do the dishes but it’s no good for her… especially when it’s 3 or 4 times a day (oops).
  • Keep finding my gratefuls every day.
  • Drink more water.
  • Wear more of my wardrobe.
  • Sign Olivia up to swimming lessons for next term.
  • Meet up with some friends. Say yes!
  • Keep chasing leading my dreams, thinking positive, manifesting… it’s working!
I’m ready to smash February like we did to January. 2014 is so far fantastic!
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So much to do, so little time. Sorry for lack of blog posts! Here is my peace offering…  an update of sorts on life.

Lately I’ve been…

blogs. I don’t have time for books these days, something I really miss. I used to read books a lot. I really want to read Hippies In The City. But for now I do most of my reading online. Current fave blogs are BabyMac and First Time Fancy.

lentil patties. I’m trying to perfect my own version. They include coriander and tamari but that’s all I can say for now. I need to keep working on them before I share them here!

But I added some haloumi to my lentil pattie burger tonight and OH MY GOD….!

this tray. It’s packaging from a toy of O’s that I sanded, primed, painted and am now using washi tap (!) to make a base for it. Pretty? It’s still not finished but very close.

appletiser. I drank bottles upon bottles of this when I was pregnant. Must be the warmer weather because I’m reaaaally craving that fizz. Bonus: no added sugar.

sleep. O is waking for the day before 5AM lately. I think she knows daylight savings begins in one week! And thank fuck for that.

music. It’s been years since I’ve really listened to music. I’m rediscovering Jack Johnson and loving some reggae, something I’ve never listened to before.

my veggie garden. I’ve planted some seeds and some seedlings. I’m not the most patient person, I really shouldn’t of planted seeds!

the iphone update. Yep, I’m a fan. And the Instagram update is sleek too, no such thing as too much white if you ask me!

for nice weather. It is soon O’s first birthday party. We have lots of people coming to celebrate at our (very small) home and minimal outdoor uncover area. I need sunshine! And seriously, one already?!

my daughter. Everything she does is amazing. I could give a million examples. Yesterday I marveled at her awareness – we were outside and she was playing with the letterbox flap, opening and closing it (seriously, non stop for 10 minutes!) and suddenly she stopped and I could see she was really listening. It took me a minute to realize she was listening to the birds that had started singing. I heard them too but they were in the background and I paid no attention. I marveled at how sharp her attention and hearing was. She knows the word “bird” and anytime she hears one she stops, listens and says “oooh” and looks up in the trees. She is so amazing ❤

a holiday. We last went away in September 2011 on a road trip/camping. 2 years ago! It’s hard when your baby still feeds to sleep and is probably safest on a mattress on the floor. Imagine making the reservation “hi yes is there space in that room to put the mattress on the floor? I don’t want my baby to fall off.” She’ll sleep in her cot one day, surely.

my new-ish necklace. I bought it for my birthday with some gift money and I just love it. It’s actually very dainty and tiny. It’s from this shop at Etsy.

pfft. Who has time for thinking? I’m tired. I’m busy. No thinking.

about memory. Do we not remember life as infants because it sucks? Teething has been bloody horrible lately and I’m sure a tooth coming through the gum isn’t a memory any of us want?

that said-tooth would just burst through! I’m really over it. I need my happy baby back.

life. Feeling really happy and grateful lately. Things aren’t perfect, but it could be worse.

bloody blessed. The end.