FMS Gift Exchange – I Love Christmas!

There’s no time of year like Christmas, if you ask me. It’s just a happy time of year and I swear there’s even a smell to it! It’s the only holiday I celebrate and make a fuss over. Especially now I have a kid, I’ve got to get into it for her, right? I like to decorate and do colour themes, buy gifts and get involved in everything “christmassy” I can. Including online. Which brings me to the point of this post…
Fat Mum Slim (you know, the Photo A Day phenomenon) is doing a Gift Exchange again this year. It’s basically Secret Santa/Kris Kringle. I’ve done a few of these before, both in person and online. Sometimes it fails – last year my online KK didn’t send me a gift… or it got lost in the mail. Either way I was left without that present under my tree, but it was okay in the end because the real gift is GIVING. Have I made you snort yet? I even make myself sick sometimes 😉 It’s true though, there are many studies that have proven how awesome giving makes you feel. It’s good for your health!
This year, I’m playing elf and helping Chantelle out with the admin side. There’s going to be over 300 people playing along from all over the world so it’s only sane for her to enlist some help. Today is the cut off for signing up to play. You need to be active (and public!) on Instagram and preferably have a blog as well. 
Read the details and sign up here. Come on and play with us, weather you’ve been naughty or nice!