So. I’m completely against diets. I’m not into all the “health programs” out there. Which is really just another word for diet, right? I’m of a healthy weight (lighter than ever in my adult life) and have a healthy relationship with my body. I never thought having a baby would make me happier with my body but it’s true. 
However, I’m not fit
If you challenged me to a foot race, I can promise you you’d win. Even if I gave 100%. And I can promise you I’d get black eyes from my boobs. Ugh. I can’t even tell you the last time I did deliberate exercise. The only muscles that exist are in my arms from holding Olivia and next in line are my fingers from scrolling my Instagram feed non-stop. Seriously, I get cramps.
This part isn’t is my story to tell but the Hubby has battled weight his entire life. One night we went through his childhood medical records and found a hospital visit that had “obese” written on it… he was under 10 years old. Pretty disturbing. In his adult life he has done well to lose weight, get fit and start a healthy lifestyle. But it’s up and down, back and forth, for him. Life gets busy, time is short bla bla, we deal with the same excuses as everyone else. And he is still overweight and keen to shift it.
But when a kid is on the scene it feels paramount to have your weight and health in check. I mean, this little being in your care is looking up to you. You are it’s example, it’s light, it’s model. I know for the Hubby that he also wants to change for his own reasons – he wants to feel good, comfortable, confident. He wants to reach overhead and not have to worry if his gut is showing. He wants to prove that he can beat all odds.
 photo 1551723_10151979838706056_1846850336_n.jpg

In the years we’ve been together we’ve tried lots of tactics. CSIRO eating plan, bootcamp, personal training, juice fasts etc etc.. Some have worked and others haven’t. And since Olivia was born we’ve really changed how we eat and live. We are pretty much vegetarian if not vegan. Just not strict! Come on, cheese is so good! We eat lots of raw food, lots of veggies, we avoid dairy, gluten and refined sugar. And while this feels like the optimum eating and health for me personally, my man is still struggling with his weight. I mean, we don’t exercise one bit so I’m sure that doesn’t help! But it was time we tried something else, for his sake.

And being the awesome supportive wifey that I am, I told him I am totally on board with whatever he wants to do. So that’s why in 5 days we are starting the 12WBT – Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. I’ve heard about it before and seen a lot of success stories with it. I signed up because a) being in it will mean I’m more committed and will therefore be able to better support the Hubby and b) apparently it’s not just for losing weight but also for toning, getting fit and stronger. Turns out there are others on the forum who do not need or want to lose weight, so I’m not alone. And while it’s mostly women doing the 12WBT (I’d say at least 80%?) it’s been good to see other men have signed up for this round. You can check the website out here.
I’ll be documenting our journey through the next 12 weeks here on my blog. Wish us luck and success!

Taking Stock of January

This year I’m taking a leaf out of some fellow bloggers blogs (does that make sense?) like Nikki and Pip. At the end of each month I’m going to complete this not so little list and just take stock of the month that was. It’ll be good to look back on each of the months at the end of the year, don’t you think?


Making: love.
Cooking: these biscuits from the wonderful Adele of Vegie Head. I’m obsessed.
Drinking: smoothies. I’ve tried lots of new ones this year such as the ones photographed in this post and this post too.
Reading: all of the books in The Secret range.
Wanting: a new wardrobe. Getting desperate for some new clothes.
Looking: bloody sexy don’t you think?!
Playing: The Wiggles. Non fucking stop.
Deciding: how to secure some earphone on Olivia so I don’t have to listen to The Wiggles.
Wishing: for a sleep in.
Enjoying: my husband. 
Waiting: for Liv to sleep through the night. I’ve been waiting 16 months so far. Not giving up hope! Never!
Liking: summer. I usually don’t enjoy it but this year it’s been beautiful.
Wondering: where and when our next holiday will be. Def in need of one!
Loving: that imaginative play has started with O. So much fun!
Pondering: why some people like lacey underwear on men. Google search gone wrong.
Considering: going 100% dairy free again. I’ve been slacking off and having cheese and yoghurt this year.
Watching: lots of downloads because TV sucks. I miss Breaking Bad and Homeland!
Hoping: for a Valentines present this year, without having to hint.

Marvelling: my daughter. Her intelligence…! And how we all start out like this and grow and learn, so amazing to watch before my very own eyes. Parenthood is so rewarding.
Needing: sleep! Sleep sleep SLEEP!
Smelling: essential oils in the new diffuser. Wish the sleep blend was more potent for O!
Wearing: baggy tops because Olivia is dropping off the feeds a bit during the day and I’m still adjusting. Hello lop sided boobs!
Following: Miley Cyrus on IG. It’s like a car crash, I can’t look away!
Noticing: how sudden Olivia seems grown up after a developmental leap. Sob!
Knowing: that I’m actually very lucky and blessed in life.
Thinking: money money money. What you think and feel will manifest.
Feeling: happy and positive for the majority of the month.
Admiring: stay at home mum bloggers. DISTRACTIONS everywhere!
Sorting: out photos of our girl… only 16 month later. Order prints as we speak.
Buying: Instagram prints.
Getting: a headache from thinking of answers for this list.
Bookmarking: Project Life pages.
Disliking: people who can’t do the speed limit and then get upset when you overtake.
Opening: lots of new stock for my homewares store.
Giggling: at Scott Disick in The Kardashians. He’s a crack up!

Phew. That was harder than I thought!

Thankful Thursday #2

 photo 577f2ed4-ae94-4bc2-8427-7c8fe30700c9.jpg

1. Videos like this. Makes me feel so grateful for my baby girl. A friend lost her newborn last year, it (and videos like this) make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Put down your phone, turn the telly off and really enjoy your kids. Take in every little detail. Say “I love you”. Appreciate them.
2. The rain. After a 4 day heatwave of 38 degrees and above, it’s now cool and raining. The fan is off overnight for the first time this month. Olivia is in a onsie, and I’m wearing socks! The land is getting a good soaking, my fruit and veg are loving it. Waking to the sound of rain will always be blissful.
3. My Dad. Photography is his hobby and Olivia is perhaps one of his favourite subjects to shoot. And I won’t complain! I have so many great quality photos of my daughter thanks to him (and not just my iPhone quality ones). Very very thankful for this!
4. Smoothies. I’d be twice this size and very unhealthy if I didn’t have a blender to create smoothies. It’s my go-to meal when I’m out of time or just can’t be bothered cooking. Thank god for smoothies, no excuse for junk food! Pictured below is a pear and kiwi fruit combo.
5. Cherry Tomatoes growing in my front garden again. Last summer I was getting almost 2 cups worth every day! The plant was there when we moved in, and I suspect it’s originated from a bird dropping. Who cares, they are the tastiest cherry toms I’ve ever had. We dug the garden up over winter but somehow they are growing again. Happy days!

 photo dc50743f-5f8b-4691-9cce-ae32b16e406b.jpg

Every Thursday I’m posting 5 things I’m thankful for. Practicing the art of being grateful is something we should all be doing. Oprah Winfrey said it best:
“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” 

Being grateful will bring you happiness and peace in life. It can turn a negative into a positive. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself. Join in on Thankful Thursdays by blogging your thankfuls or using Instagram (hashtag me!).

What are your thankfuls this week?

A Gift To You

The heat wave has broken and we are now in the midst of a foggy and rainy week. And it’s beautiful! After 4 days of 39 degree temps, this cooler weather is welcomed with open arms by me. I swear Olivia is sleeping better too, possibly because it’s so breezy in the bedroom now?

While I lay with her and feed her to sleep, I am often on my phone playing around on Instagram or having a go at my new hobby… making inspiring quote images (I have no idea what to call them lol).

I created the below inspiring images myself. I want to share them with you, so you can put them as your desktop, or save it as your phone lock screen, or share it on your social media. Looking at positive sayings and images every day is always a good thing!

Hope you like them 🙂

 photo photo2-3.jpg

 photo photo1-3.jpg

 photo photo34.jpg

 photo 44b6f67e-8b45-47c5-b2ff-6d7cc8efecc6.jpg

 photo photo2positive.jpg

{RECIPE} Cheats Pizza

Normally I would make a pizza base from scratch (next on the list is a cauliflower base) or at least use an actual base from the freezer department designed for pizza making. But… I’m human too. Shock horror, I know. I’ve been tired and run down lately (as my last whingey entry told) so I whipped up a cheats pizza for dinner last night.
To me, making a pizza from home is pretty basic, especially when using a prepared base. But I’m hopeful someone will find this inspiring or helpful.
 photo photo1-2.jpg
 photo photo3-4.jpg
Cheats Pizza
Wholegrain wraps (or spelt, white, whatever you like)
Sauce base (I used pesto. Other options are pizza/tomato sauce, BBQ, garlic sauce)
Veggies (for mine I used pumpkin, pineapple, capsicum, mushroom, red onion and pine nuts)
Quality melting cheese (I always use Bocconcini)
Preheat your oven to 180C and line a tray with baking paper.
Chop up your veggies to desired sizes and shapes. If you’re using something like pumpkin or sweet potato, pop them in the oven while you’re making the rest of your pizza.
Place your wraps on the tray and spread with whatever base you want (pesto, BBQ…).
Arrange veggies on your base. Shred or slice your cheese (try not to go overboard, most people do!) and arrange on the pizza.
Pop it all in the oven for 15 minutes or until cheese is melted and base is crispy. Slice it up and enjoy!
 photo photo4-2.jpg
Other toppings I often use: baby artichokes, pine nuts, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh tomato, avo (after cooking), prosciutto (my favourite, but naughty!), fresh herbs, rocket (love this fresh as a topping after the oven).
The options are endless. Have fun experimenting with what flavours compliment each other. I’ve found minimal is key.

Thankful Thursday #1

 photo photo3-3.jpg

1. Baby kisses. Olivia comes up to me, bends down and tilts her head so her face is into mine and smooches me. This happens multiple times a day, without any encouraging from me, and she’ll do it at the most random of moments. That element of surprise makes it all the more endearing I think. There is honestly nothing I love more in the world right now than these moments. What a beautiful little soul she is ❤

2. Nature. I live in a beautiful part of the world but I don’t appreciate it enough. The past two weekends have seen the Hubby and I stopping off at some lookouts in the region. I’ve lived in this area since 1992 (coming and going in my teens) and it still blows me away. The views are breathtaking. I’ve also been posting the images on Instagram lately.
3. Books for the soul. I feel thankful to be open minded, to have many teachers in my life, to read inspiring books and blogs… to open my mind to changing my mind, learning skills of the mind. I feel like others are missing out on some great secret I (and like-minded others) know. I’ve been reading books like Hero (by the same author as The Secret) and The Desire Map. Life changing stuff, honestly. I feel so lucky to even have the knowledge that these books exist! Get onto them, peeps.

4. Air conditioning. Holy shit it’s been hot. And it’s going to continue to be hot. How would I get my baby to sleep without the AC cranking? How would I breastfeed without her face sticking to my boobs? These are (thankfully) questions I won’t have to answer thanks to the beauty of air conditioning.

5. Mum. She only lives 10 minutes away and I’d be lost without her sometimes. Lately she has spent time with Olivia while I get things done and rest because I am feeling so drained the past 2 weeks. If she didn’t live so nearby, I’d have no one to watch Olivia. Imagine?! It may only be for 2 or 3 hours but it can make the world of difference to this tired Mumma. 
 photo view.jpg

Every Thursday I’m posting 5 things (or more) I’m thankful for. Practicing the art of being grateful is something we should all be doing. Oprah Winfrey said it best:

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” 

Being grateful will bring you happiness and peace in life. It can turn a negative into a positive. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself. Join in on Thankful Thursdays by blogging your thankfuls or using Instagram (hashtag me!).

What are your thankfuls this week?

Very Tired

I’m tired. Very tired. Olivia has tooth #7 coming through and therefore is not sleeping very well. Which means not only am I tired but I’m also sore because she insists on breast feeding all night. So I have nothing interesting to post today. So here is a load of recent pictures of my adventures in the kitchen.

 photo photo213-1.jpg

 photo photo2-2.png

 photo photo45.jpg

 photo photo311.jpg

 photo photo33.jpg

1. Tropical style smoothies are my go-to lunch right now with the heat being in the 30’s and 40’s. This one is topped with coconut and bee pollen. Easy to whack it all in the blender and tastes amazing. If only I was on a tropical island to match.

2. Was going to make a lemon meringue. Decided to give a clean recipe from IG a whirl and made a lemon tart instead. Tastes exactly the same as the lemon meringue (minus the meringue obviously) but the consistency wasn’t very pleasing – it was like half dried glue or as the Hubby said, “snot”. Delightful.

3. Scored punnets of strawberries for 99c each over the weekend. They were end-of-life quality so after making a smoothie, feeding them to the kid and having them on my breakfast cereal, I made this Strawberry Jalousie (recipe on my Instagram).

4. As mentioned above, the strawbs needed to be used, so in this smoothie went a big handful of them along with some blueberries, baby spinach, banana, black sesame seeds, coyo, bee pollen, maca powder and almond milk. Breakfast is served.

5. Healthy and “clean” flourless chocolate muffins via Teresa Cutter. I used raw cacao instead of cocoa powder which made it taste pretty bitter. Next time I’ll have to add more sweetener (agave, maple syrup etc). The recipe is here.